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Biographies of the founders

Dr.Claudia Jacy Barenco Abbas – COO


In the past I was an active researcher and teacher in the area of Computer Networks and IoT around the world. This included positions at renowned universities and research centers in Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Bolivia, Syria and Peru. During this period, I published more than fifty books and articles, coordinated the development of more than ten scientific projects and supervised hundreds of student theses, from undergraduate to doctorate.

Thiago Chaves Ribeiro – CEO

Over 20 years of experience in banking, financial services, technology, franchising, retail and consumer. Defender of Conscious Capitalism, Father, Entrepreneur and passionate about life! Graduated in Business Administration, with an MBA in Retail Management from FIA-SP and specialization in England and the USA. He worked for 12 years in several International Banks and 10 years in leadership positions in retail and consumption. Blockchain, cryptographic world, ESG, open source, omnichannel and financial services enthusiast, focused on business plan, management, sales growth, customer experience, Marketing, CRM.

Wagner Nunes da Silva – CTO

Systems Analyst and Dapp Development.

26 years of experience in Back End development, reverse engineering, Solidity and smartcontract development, lover of technologies and innovations. Great contributions to the world of open source, hardware and blockchain development and programming enthusiast.

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