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C9 in the Media

C9 Tech will represent Brazil at COP28 using blockchain in environmental preservation.

Brazilian startup announces participation in the Conference through its partnership with Verda, and announces creation of its own blockchain on Tanssi, infrastructure provider in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Blockchain, Web3 and COP 28: how will C9 Tech unite these three factors?

Company is selected in a startup acceleration program at COP 28, with a project that combines tokenization, Web3 and blockchain technology

Brazilian startup will represent Brazil at COP28

Brazilian startup C9 Tech was selected to represent Brazil at COP28, due to the AKHDAR initiative, a digital currency based on carbon credits. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which takes place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, between November 30th and December 12th.

Find out who the winners of the Web3 Hackathon are – Tokenization of the National Treasury

(G2B) Government to Business: Development of technologies for use cases with tokenized public securities. (e.g. Formation of Guarantees). This is for applications in Public Offers (such as auction) and Secondary Market. With the purpose of generating opportunities and services that positively impact opportunities for companies involving Treasury Bonds.

Hackathon Web3: Tokenization of the National Treasury announces the winners

Event promoted an educational and solution development marathon on Web3 for innovation challenges related to the National Treasury

C9 Tech at COP28 UAE: Leading Sustainable Innovation

C9 Tech at COP28 UAE: Leading Sustainable Innovation C9 Tech is proud to announce its participation in COP28 UAE, a pivotal event in the global climate action calendar. At COP21, the world committed to limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, and COP28 UAE is a vital platform to reassess and intensify these efforts.

Digital Currency for Retail Startup C9 Develops Cryptocurrency


Digital Currency for Retail Digital Currency for Retail C9, a technology startup, launches a digital currency for retail. Cryptocurrency has a decentralized system and transactions recorded on the blockchain. According to the startup, “C9 Coin” will offer the service of exchanging digital currencies on partner exchange platforms, in addition to benefits for use in stores. The cryptocurrency proposes a tokenized loyalty points system, with the aim of offering a shopping club and benefits, says C9.

Brazilian retail cryptocurrency reaches 100 thousand transactions in six months

C9 Coin, a Brazilian cryptocurrency created for retail use, reached the milestone of 100 thousand transactions registered on the blockchain in less than six months. The milestone was registered in the first half of August. It was created by a Brazilian startup and has more than 26 thousand customers. The cryptocurrency can be used in more than 150 retail stores from chains such as Camisaria Colombo, Mr Kitsch, Yachtsman, among others.

DINAMO Networks participates in event that discusses the future of the payments sector and closes partnership with C9 Coin

09/19/2022 LGPDNewss

Company specialized in cybersecurity Dinamo Networks and blockchain startup C9 Coin hold a presentation on real application for secure blockchain payments, for directors and heads of large companies and startups. Meeting takes place in São Paulo and discusses innovations and trends in payments

Tokenization: transformation of financial assets into digital ones

The tokenization of the economy is an irreversible movement that is changing the means of raising funds and investing. According to a recent study published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the asset tokenization market could reach US$16 trillion by 2030, which would mean 10% of the current global GDP.

The future of transactions between companies and people is not being discussed today. In Brazil, a technology startup was born with the mission of democratizing people's access to blockchain. This is C9, founded in June 2021, responsible for creating the first retail cryptocurrency for immediate use, the C9 Coin.

DINAMO Networks and C9 Coin form a partnership and participate in an event that discusses the future of the payments sector

DINAMO Networks, a company specializing in cybersecurity and startup C9 Coin, hold a presentation on real blockchain applications with security, for directors and heads of large companies and startups. Meeting takes place in São Paulo and discusses innovations and trends in payments DINAMO Networks, a reference company in digital identity security and encryption, is participating this month in Payment Revolution, an event that brings together the main players in the payments market nationally and internationally.

Brazilian initiative: cryptocurrency with card and PoS Terminal

Another Brazilian initiative that deserves praise. Brazilian technology startup C9 has developed a system that allows digital currency transactions connected to the blockchain through a physical card and a PoS Terminal (point of sale). Among the differentiators of this solution are the fact that there are no intermediaries, such as acquirers, reducing costs and without friction, and being able to integrate with the existing infrastructure (both PoS machines and cards).

Startup C9 creates cryptocurrency transaction platform through physical card and POS machine

C9 is a technology startup that developed a digital wallet with a system that allows cryptocurrency transactions connected to the blockchain from an existing physical card and a POS terminal. In this case, there are no intermediaries, such as acquirers. The solution works in a similar way to that of a user who registers their credit card with a digital bank to be able, for example, to pay bills. The customer can insert their card on the C9 platform and, from there, the startup creates an e-wallet for this customer with the linked card.

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